Elopementwedding Provence


 destination wedding 



What do you dream about?


An elopement wedding on a magical place without all the stress and planning ? Just focus on each other.


A destination wedding where you take your plans and guests with you to another country


Or just a a simple but beautiful ceremony outside in the nature on your favourite spot or in the backyard. 

wedding in provence

Anna Sundheden Photography is not like all the other photographers. Im not focusing on how many pictures you will get, dont worry you will get hundreds but, i will focus more about the quality of the story and the pictures than how many they are.

I put a lot of time to each and one of them to be sure they have the colours and the feeling that you experienced on your special day.   



The pictures will all together make Your story, so that you can relive them whenever you want to whenever you look at them. 

During our first meeting ( live or skype/facetime) when we get to know each other little and see if we are the perfect match we are gonna talk about what is important for you that i catch in pictures. What expectations you have, what dreams you have on your weddingday. 


destination wedding

make your own beautiful story




Wedding in Europe



Travel and accomodation for the photographer 


First meet




Golden hour, Sunset pictures



100-200 beautiful pictures in high resolution for print


2 minutes short movie from a videographer


 Fine Art print 30X40cm 


2000 Euro




elopementwedding, destinationwedding,provence

contact me for any questions

If you want to se more, like pictures from a hole day, just let me know. 

Are you interested in booking, just contact me and tell me more about your plans and we go from there.




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